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    The Labor & Employment Committee of the NLG set up a listserve for job postings related to labor and employment law.  If you are already on the L&EC list serve because you are/were a paid member, you should have received an invite to be on this Job Posting listserve as well.  If you are not a paid member or did not receive an invite, you can still participate in this listserve by contacting Sarah David Heydemann at SHeydemann@gmail.com or Danielle Newsome at newsome.danielle@gmail.com . 

    If you know of job openings in your area, email them directly to Sarah or Danielle and they will post them to the listserve.  We are particularly interested in position not already posted on the LCC hiring hall list.  This listserve is specifically for circulating jb opportunities.  Please help your fellow NLGers interested in labor and employment positions advocating for workers' rights by sending information our way.  Help our NLGers to find good work!  Thanks.

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    Members will receive each Job Posting email rather than an abridged summary.