DC area Labor & Employment Committee

Contact: Ed Elder
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January, 2015
District of Columbia Report

The local L&EC continues to be healthy and active.  The Committee has kicked off 2015 co-sponsoring a January 21 forum on wages and organizing at Wal Mart. This issue has been of special interest in DC because Wal Mart recently opened stores in the city amid great controversy over its labor and employment practices. The committee has also been coordinating with UFCW during local Wal Mart actions.

The committee also continued its cooperation with the Jobs with Justice worker's coalition. JWJ is currently planning a Just Hours campaign to address abusive scheduling practices. Committee members sit on the JWJ steering committee and are providing assistance as needed.

The committee has participated in know your rights trainings and provided legal observers for labor-related events. The committee expects to continue to support these actions and other work to promote workers rights in the next year.

Edward J. Elder, Esq