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Contact:  Josh Adams and Eli Naduris-Weissman, Co-Chairs
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March, 2016
Los Angeles area Meeting - 3/22/2016

The National Lawyers Guild's Workers' Rights Committee is back! We're hosting a mixer this next Tuesday the 22nd at 6:30 p.m. at the UCLA Labor Center, where ROC's Kathy Hoang, AAAJ's Yanin Senachai and Eli Naduris-Weissman from Rothner Segall & Greenstone will bring us up to date on ROC's campaign to organize restaurant workers at Fuga and the role that AAAJ and Guild members have played in that drive; please open the attached flyer for further details. Following the panel we will have a happy hour to not only discuss those principles of solidarity but put them into practice. The event is free; no hat will be passed. 

A word about the Workers' Rights Committee: we are open to all labor and employment lawyers, immigrants' rights advocates, and legal workers, both inside and outside the Guild, who are interested in working to advance workers' rights. We hope to facilitate connections between our members who might not cross paths otherwise, to educate ourselves and the next generation of advocates, and to publicize what our members are doing. We also plan to make Committee activities a pleasure, not a burden, by dealing with those issues that you tell us you want to talk about or work on. 

So please drop in next Tuesday and meet up with old acquaintances and new faces; please also circulate the attached flyer to interested friends, collaborators and coworkers. Looking forward to seeing you there.  

Henry Willis

(323) 655-4700

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February, 2015
Los Angeles area Report

The Los Angeles L&E committee is in the process of re-energizing NLG members and building relationships with other organizations. Henry Willis hosted a kickoff meeting last summer with a group of labor and employment lawyers and a vision to create a space for cross-pollination between labor lawyers, employment lawyers, and other guild members in order to help worker centers, unions, and other organizations promoting immigrants' and workers' rights. Since then, the committee has developed an NLRA Section 7 rights training for worker centers which has been presented to the Restaurant Opportunities Center-Los Angeles. The committee is in the process of planning other projects to assist LA's vibrant worker center community and engage law students in the area.

Eli Naduris-Weissman

(626) 796-7555

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