New York area Labor & Employment Committee

Contact:  Cristina Gallo or Garrett Kaske, Co-chairs
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Join the Committee for 2 hours CLE credit at "Schooling the University -- Winning Workplace Justice for Campus Workers" on Friday, April 10, 2015, from 5 - 7 pm at NYU Law School.  Flyer for CLE.  Register hereFinancial aid here


January 2015
New York City Report

The New York City Chapter of the Labor & Employment Committee is busy planning an early spring CLE in collaboration with New York University students and workers about the legal challenges and triumphs of workers employed by universities.  Likely topics include employment of undergraduate, graduate, and foreign students,the use of contingent labor, and organizing efforts among students, faculty, and campus athletes, among others.  The CLE is expected to be one piece of a three-part event, with the other two panels focusing on (1) the corporatization of the university and the financial stakeholders on campus and (2) campus organizing strategies.

The local Committee is also due to unveil its long-awaited know your rights cards for low-wage and immigrant workers in New York City in conjunction with MFY Legal Services, Inc. We will be developing a distribution plan among local worker advocates. The template we have created will be available to local committees to customize for their local jurisdictions.

Aside from the upcoming CLE, the Committee hopes to host additional trainings and seminars on substantive labor and employment issues to educate like-minded practitioners. As always, we will continue to offer as-needed support to workers, worker advocates, and contract attorneys engaged in labor disputes with their employers.

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