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January, 2015
San Francisco Bay area Report

The San Francisco Bay Area Labor & Employment Committee, after a lenghty hiatus, began to meet again in the Spring of 2013.  We meet every month or two.  At each meeting, we invite speakers from a community workers' rights group (or on a few occasions a speaker from a government agency that enforces workers rights) to present on their work and share how we can support that work and/or use their services. 

We hosted speakers from the following groups:  Restaurant Opportunities Center, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy, Classroom Struggle, the IWW, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, among other groups.

In addition to our meetings, we urge our members to action and have recruited L&EC members to provide direct support and representation to IWW workers organizing in the local Whole Foods.  We coordinated solidarity between Teamsters locals and the IWW effort.

We have put on two Continuing Legal Education programs.  The first, in November 2013, was themed "Representing Immigrant Workers in Civil Litigation" and covered legal protections for immigrant workers and their families.  The second, in August 2014, focused on retaliation in the workplace, and was titled,"Shady Labor Subcontracting Practices: How to Hold the Employers Accountable and Boost Workers' Wages."

We also sponsored a brownbag lunch series during the summer of 2014 geared towards summer interns and law clerks, with a great series of labor history and occupational safety and health films.

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