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LEC Events at the National Lawyers Guild Annual Convention

NLG #Law4thePeople Convention
September 21 - October 4, 2020

The Committee had a full slate of events at the 2020  National Lawyers Guild, Law for the People Digital Convention 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020    Thursday, September 24, 2020   Friday, September 25, 20120
  • Labor & Employment Committee + International Committee Digital Reception, 7-8:30pm ET


Pix_2007-11_4306-DC-NLGConvR.jpg Pix_2006-10_2463-Austin-NLGConvR.jpg Pix_2007-11_4372-DC-NLGConvR.jpg

Click on the city name for a link to L&EC events
at past NLG Annual National Conventions

Washington, DC
August, 2017

New York, NY
August, 2016

 Oakland, CA
October, 2015

Chicago, IL
September, 2014

San Juan, PR
October, 2013

Pasadena, CA
October, 2012

Philadelphia, PA
October, 2011

New Orleans, LA
September, 2010