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    Join us for our Annual Law Student Jobs Call

    Are you a law student or do you know a law student who is interested in labor and employment law? The National Lawyers Guild Labor and Employment Committee is co-sponsoring a conference call on November 1 at 3PM Eastern/12 PM Pacific to discuss summer and post-graduate employment opportunities. Our guest speakers will be:

    - Jessica Chu, Associate General Counsel of the AFL-CIO

    - Kimberly Sanchez, Assistant General Counsel of SEIU

    - Julia Watkins, Program Manager of the Peggy Browning Fund

    Visit us on Facebook for more information.

    Our October 2018 Newsletter is out! 

    Read it here

    2018 Law for the People Convention

    We hope to see you at the NLG Law for the People Convention, October 31 - November 3, 2018. Our workshop, "Teacher's Strikes: Workers, Students, and Our Communities" takes place on November 3 at 9:00 AM.  Check out our events page for details on our workshop, committee meetings and other events at the convention. 

    Save the Date: 2019 Cuba Delegation

    Our 2019 trip is scheduled for March 15- 24, 2019 (dates are approximate). For more information, visit our Cuba page

    NLG Condemns Supreme Court's Attack on Worker's Rights in Janus Decision

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 28, 2018 Contact: K. Dean Hubbard, Jr., NLG Labor and Employment Committee Chair

    With its Janus v. AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council) decision, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority has overturned a 40-year-old precedent that allows public sector unions, like private sector unions, to charge non-members—who they are required by law to represent—a fee for that representation.[…]

    Read the entire statement here.

    Mass Defense
    The NLG assists in mass defense throughout the country.  Click here to jump to the page on our L&EC website with information about how you can become involved and with links to substantive material and to the NLG webpage with contacts throughout the country.


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    The Labor and Employment Committee of the National Lawyers Guild [NLG] is a non-profit unincorporated legal association engaged in legal education and advocacy. The membership of the Labor & Employment Committee includes lawyers, law students, legal workers, and worker representatives. It serves as a liaison between the Guild and legal organizations that represent organized labor and workers. The L&EC also works directly with organized labor and other organizations that represent workers.