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    We stand with teacher in L.A.

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    Video - Teachers' Strikes: Workers, Students & Our Communties

    Couldn't make it to the NLG Convention in Portland? You can still view our incisive panel discussion on the 2018 teacher strikes here! While you're there, like us on Facebook!

    2019 Cuba Delegation 

    Our 2019 trip is scheduled for March 15- 24, 2019 (dates are approximate). Pre-register by January 1, 2019. For more information, visit our Cuba page

    October 2019 Newsletter

    Read it here

    AFL-CIO Boycott of WaWa, Circle K & 7-11 Stores

    We have endorsed the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), AFL-CIO boycott of all WaWa, Circle K, and 7-11 stores until they stop carrying the VUSE smokeless tobacco product of Reynolds America, Inc., which is now controlled by British-American Tobacco. 

    We encourage our members and local committees to sign the petition endorsing the boycott, and consider sponsoring or attending a monthly demonstration at a WaWa, Circle K, and/or 7-11 store near you.  

    NLG Condemns Supreme Court's Attack on Worker's Rights in Janus Decision

    Read the entire statement here.

    Mass Defense

    The NLG assists in mass defense throughout the country.  Click here to jump to the page on our L&EC website with information about how you can become involved and with links to substantive material and to the NLG webpage with contacts throughout the country.


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    The Labor and Employment Committee of the National Lawyers Guild [NLG] is a non-profit unincorporated legal association engaged in legal education and advocacy. The membership of the Labor & Employment Committee includes lawyers, law students, legal workers, and worker representatives. It serves as a liaison between the Guild and legal organizations that represent organized labor and workers. The L&EC also works directly with organized labor and other organizations that represent workers.