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2017 Delegation Tammy, Natasha and Dean CDR visit
2017 NLG LEC Delegation to Cuba Tami, Natasha and Dean speak Visit to CDR

Save the Date: March 16-23, 2019

20th Anniversary Cuba Reserach Delegation


Dates are Fast Approaching:  Our trip is scheduled for March 16 - 23, 2019, which includes 8 days in Cuba and 7 nights, with research in Pinar del Rio and attendance of the International Conference on Labor Rights in Havana.  We have to commit to participants in the next few days. Prices are cheaper the more participants we have.  If you are interested in the trip, please email Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan at lyciaora@gmail.com, Victoria Lebron at Marazul Charters at vlebron@marazul.com, or Dean Hubbard atdeanhub@gmail.comfor more information.  For more information on the delegation, see our 2019 brochure.

Fundraising  Appeal:  Over the past 20 years, the Labor & Employment Committee of the National Lawyers Guild has participated and co-sponsored a delegation of lawyers, union activists and students to Cuba as part of our ongoing research of labor rights in Cuba.  Several years ago, what started as a bi-lateral exchange program with our Cuban counterparts, the conference portion of this project went international, and for the past decade, lawyers from all of the Americas and Europe have shared ideas and solutions to the attack on labor rights across the world. This year our very own Dean Hubbard will be among the honored jurists recognized for his work on behalf of workers’ rights struggles.

As part of our delegation, we have intentionally and successfully sought to make it possible for students and young people of color to participate in our delegation. In this way, we have sent truly representative groups to Cuba, and made a small contribution to the effort to transform the Guild and our Committee into truly multiracial, anti-racist organization.  For many years, we have included law students and graduate students in the delegation. This is not without major financial assistance from lawyers and activists like you, contributing to the scholarship fund to help bring these students and young lawyers who contribute so much to the program.

We have some seed money and usually the Committee authorizes some funds for scholarships.  However, we are behind in our solicitation this year and need to raise funds to meet the scholarship requests to help bring students and young lawyers to Cuba.  

If you want to help, please send a check made out to the NLG LEC to John Philo, Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice, 4605 Cass Ave., Detroit, MI 48201. Note it is for the Research Delegation.   You can also donate via PayPal.  It is very IMPORTANT that you note this is for the research trip but DO NOT USE THE WORD “CUBA.”  Paypal will hold up the contribution and cause us many headaches. 

In Solidarity,  

Dean Hubbard, Chair, L&E Committee Steering Committee 

Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, Past NLG President and Co-Coordinator, NLG L&E Cuba delegation  

Joan Hill, Co-Coordinator NLG Cuba Delegation



The National Lawyers Guild Labor & Employment Committee serves as program consultant to Marazul Charters, a licensed travel service provider, on an annual research program in Cuba.  The program consists of an international conference and a professional research program.  Labor lawyers, trade unionists and neutrals have been a part of these delegations since 2000.  In the winter of each year, Marazul and the L&E Committee announce the annual program. 

The Conference is endorsed by the NLG L&EC, the Labor Law Society of the National Union of Cuban Jurists (UNJC), the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC), the Brazilian Association of Labor Lawyers (ABAL), and the Association of Labor Lawyers of Argentina (AALA).

The Conference is preceded by a research project where, consistent with the conference themes, delegates visit Cuban workplaces and interview workers, union leaders and labor lawyers.  Upon return to the United States, the delegation publishes a report of the results of their research and conference participation.

Check out photos from our 2018 trip here


Travel Restrictions to Cuba - click here for a handout on Travel Advice

Because the NLG Labor & Employment Committee's research trip is for and by professionals engaged in a full schedule of academic and noncommercial research, intended for public dissemination, U.S. labor and employment lawyers and trade union professionals may travel to Cuba under a general license (no advance authorization from the Treasury Dept. required).

  • For more information on Professional Research and Meetings, click here to access the Office of Foreign Assets Control.
  • Click here for 31 CFR § 515.564 Professional research and professional meetings in Cuba. See sub-section A for the General License which is used for this annual meeting.


Past Research Reports of NLG delegations to Cuba



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