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NEWSLETTERS of the Labor & Employment Committee


September 2020
  • Fight for the Right to Vote: Recap of the NLG LEC Webinar "Defending Voting Rights in 2020." The Voting Rights Working Group will meet Friday, September 11 at 9am PT/11am CT/12pm ET 
  • Police Unions: What is to Be Done? CLE Workshop on September 23 at 10am-1pm ET / 12-3pm CT / 1-4pm ET
  • "Holding Uber and Lyft Accountable" by Stacey Leyton
  • "DOJ Pushes White Supremacist Policy on Campus" by M.S.M.R.
June 2020
  • Join us for "How Can Lawyers Support Worker Organizing Under COVID-19" on Friday, June 26 at 12pm ET/11am CT/9am PT
  • "A New “Normal” Calls for Paid Leave for Employees" by Joan G. Hill 
  • "Defending Workers' Health and Safety—State by State" by Fran Schreiberg
  • "Bringing Gig Workers Back into the Fold: California's New Law and Gig Employers' Resistance to It" by Amy Cu and Octavio Velarde 
  • "Cuba's Currency Dilemma" by Matthew Rinaldi 
October 2019
  • Join us for the #Law4thPeople Convention in Durham, October 16-20, 2019. A calendar of events is in the newsletter
  • Organize the South (or die): Why the South Matters to the Future of Labor, by MaryBe McMillan
  • A Southern Workers School to Organize a Labor Movement in the South, by Angaza Laughinghouse
  • Organizing Gig Workers in California,by Benjamin O'Donnell
  • Reform of the Gig Economy Is a Wonderful Thing: The California Legislature's enactment of rights for gig workers is the biggest blow against poverty in years, by Jay Youngdahl
  • Updates from Sugar Law, by John Philo
  • In Memoriam: Ursula Levelt
May 2019
  • What Does NAFTA 2.0 Mean for Workers' Rights? by Jeffrey Vogt
  • What We're Fighting For: Teachers and other school employees strike to preserve public schools, by Christine Campbell
  • Why Educators in North Carolina are Going Back to Raleigh on May 1, by Michelle Burton
  • USMCA - Canadian Labour Law Perspectives, by Claude Melancon & Simon Archer, CALL-ACAMS
  • United Teachers - Los Angeles 2019 Strike: One for the Ages, by Ira L. Gottlieb
  • Updates from Sugar Law, by John Philo
  • Organizing Workers in the Gig Economy 
  • Immigrants' Rights are Labor Rights
  • Save the Labor & Education Research Center
  • Send us your ideas for the annual NLG Conference
  • See you at the LCC!
October 2018
  • Join us at the Law for the People Convention in Portland, Oregon, October 31 - November 4. A calendar of events is in the Newsletter, including our Workshop: Teachers Strikes: Workers, Students & Our Communities
  • The Right Wing's Plans to Destroy Public Schooling: Why defending public schools from corporate attacks matters to all of us, by Prof. Gordon Lafer
  • Los Angeles Chapter Report
  • Information about our the 20th Anniversary 2019 Cuba Delegation
  • Meet our Student Committee
  • Mentorship Program Announcement

May 2018

  • Join us at the LCC Conference in Atalnta 
  • Social Justice and Progressive Unionism: Bargaining to improve conditions for women workers at Sierra Club by Larry Williams Jr.
  • We are the Ones We've Been Waiting For: West Virginia's women know what they are worth by Sarah David Heydemann
  • #MeToo: Standing Up to Abuse in the Hospitatliy Sector and Beyond by Susan Minato
  • Elections Matter: Join the Fight Against Racial Voter Supression by Jeanne Mirer
  • Reclaiming the Red and Purple States: Unions' and Workers' Role in the Resistance by Joan Hill
  • This Land is Our Land: Organizing in the Central Valley and the country's heartland by Fran Schreiberg

August 2017

  • Join us at the NLG Convention in Washington, DC
  • Green, Blue & Black: Environmentalists support Nissan workers' organizing drive by Dean Hubbard
  • Will You Represent TUPOCC?
  • Protecting Human Rights in the Trump Era
  • Updates from Sugar Law by John Philo
  • Ba da ba ba baaa ... We're Not Loving It by Dean Hubbard

May 2017

  • Where to find us at the LCC in Denver 2017
  • Winning back key battlegrounds in 2018 -- How to rebuild progressive multiracial majorities in OH, PA and beyond by Eric Dillon, Working America
  • Cuba Si!
  • Build the resistance and build a majority -- Organizing in the Central Valley and the country's heartland by Fran Schreiberg
  • The new joint employer rule:  How significant? by George Gonos
  • Seeking authors for the NLG Guide to Labor Law by Elise Gautier
  • Organizing to defend immigrant workers in LA County by Ariella Morrison
  • Join us for breakfast at the LCC in Denver 5/16/2017 and for our meeting (open to all) on 5/15/2017 (both ridiculously early)

August 2016

  • Fighting Uber-Exploitation in NYC by Zubin Soleimany
  • Rebuilding Detroit from the Grass Roots Up - Using the Democratic Process to See that the Community's Needs are Met by John Philo
  • LA STORY:  the Workers Rights Committee Returns by Ben O'Donnell
  • Know Your Economic Human Rights! - announcing CLE August 4 at NLG Convention in NYC
  • Knowledge is Not Power - Knowing your rights and Using Them is

May 2016

  • Everything Old is New Again -- Using Section 7 to Support Worker Centers by Eli Naduris-Weissman
  •     Working with ROC (Restaurant Opportunity Center)
  •     Building a relationship with a worker center near you
  • Cuba Si -- L&E delegation sees firsthand how Cuba's relations with the U.S. are changing in advance of President Obama's historic visit
  • Developing Solidarity at B&H Photo by Jeanne Mirer
  • Democracy, Teachers' Rights & Privatization -- Inequality, "Education Reform" and Vergara
  •  Join our project to do Section 7 training

October 2015

  •  From "Right-to-Work" to "Fight for 15" -- The Labor Movement at the Crossroads:  Learning Lessons, Plotting the Way Forward by Anthony Prince
  • Turning the Tide:  Fighting the Nationwide Assault on Low-Income Workers by John Philo
  • Art Heitzer to receive the Debra Evenson Award
  • Workers' Rights are Human Rights
  • What We Need to Do:  Remarks at ALAL's Sao Paulo Congress by Anthony Prince
  • Our Best Hope by Aaron Mair, Estela Vazquez & Lenore Friedlaender
  • ROCking the House
  • Street Vending:  Challenging the Criminalization of Workers by Cynthia Anderson-Barker
  • NLG Convention - annotated schedule for L&ECers

 April 2015

  •  "Death by a Thousand Cuts" and LEC's Local Strategy for Attacking Unions by Brendan Fischer
  • Two and a Half Cheers for Bankruptcy:  Detroit City Retirees Avoid the Worst While Lenders Get a Buzz Cut by Ursula Levelt
  • Cuba in Transition by Matthew Rinaldi
  • Resolution Calling for an End to the U.S. Embargo of Cuba
  • Kicking Them When They're Down:  Corporate America and Its Allies Make Life Even Harder for the Unemployed by Tony Paris
  • Join Us! - Work with Us on our Section 7 Rights Project to assist legal aid offices and other advocacy groups and employment lawyers who work with unorganized low-wage workers

 September 2014

  • Bringing Labor Law into the 21st Century:  Dealing with the Realities of the Modern Workplace by Henry Willis
  • NLG Convention - annotated schedule for L&ECers
  • Chicago Labor History Tour
  • Using Human Rights to Defend Workers' Standard of Living - mini-CLE in Chicago Sep 4, 2014

 April 2014

  •  Food Fight - A report from the field on the fight against sweatshop conditions in the food industry by Ursula Levelt
  • The Legal Services NYC Strike:  Neoliberalism, Austerity & Resistance by Tyler Kasperek Somes
  • Workers, Communities, and the Clean Energy Economy:  Working Together For a Future that Works by Dean Hubbard
  • Cuba Report

October 2013 

  • Making The Road by Walking - The AFL-CIO Takes a Major Step to Transform the Labor Movement by Victor Narro
  • Privatizing Democracy in Detroit: Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights And Labor Rights Under Siege In Michigan by John Philo
  • The Puerto Rican Labor Movement in 2013 by Luis Pedraza Leduc
  • Honoring Ann Fagan Ginger

May 2013

  •  Warehouse Workers for Justice:  An Alternative Organizing Model by Margot Nikitas
  • D.R. Horton:  Is There Life After Concepcion? by Ursula Levelt
  • See you in San Juan! - announcing the NLG Convention in Puerto Rico October 23 - 27, 2013
  • Support Legal Services Workers - on strike now

 October 2012

  • Forward into the past? by Sanjukta Paul (an examination of how modern "independent contractors" resemble a feudal system)
  • Segregating American Citizenship: Latino Voter Disenfranchisement in 2012 by The Advancement Project
  • Fighting Wage Theft by Daniel Gross

 May 2012
  • Occupy Labor Law! by Ursula Levelt
  • Voter Suppresion - Why It Matters by Dean Hubbard 
  • D.R. Horton: The NLRB Enters the Fight Over Class Action Waivers by Henry Willis
  • Occupy Labor Law: What Labor Can Learn

 October 2011
  • We Are All Wisconsin:  The Stakes Get Even Higher by Dean Hubbard
  • Walkout at Hershey:  Extracts from the Report of the August 2011 Human Rights Delegation to Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Solidarity Forever
  • Defending Democracy by Tova Perlmutter
  • Learning by Teaching - The Guild's Mentoring Program by Fran Schreiberg
  • NLG 2011 Convention in Philadelphia - Schedule of L&EC related events
April 2011
  • The attack on Public Sector Workers:  Ground Zero for Democracy and Human Rights by Dean Hubbard
  • NLG L&EC Breakfast at the LCC - Crimes Against Labor:  Attacks on Workers' Rights in Mexico & US by Henry Willis
  • Worker Advocates Fight for Expanded Useof Crime Victim's Visa by Jessie Hahn
  • Mexican Mineworkers Union's Carlos Esquer Speaks in NYC by Ursula Levelt
  • NLG L&EC Successfully Concludes 12th Delegation to Cuba by Joan Hill
  • 100 Years After Triangle Fire, the Slaughter Continues by Anthony Prince 

September 2010
  • March with Labor and One Nation for Jobs, Justice and Education for All
    October 2 in Washington DC
  • Defending Free Speech Rights in Public Places
  • ILO Takes Steps Toward Establishing Domestic Workers Rights
  • ICLR Assists Mexico's Independent Labor Movement
  • Information is Key to Ending Abusive Low-Wage Labor Migration Schemes
  • NY Public Employees Fight Furloughs
  • Carwash Workers Win Another Victory, Pirian Brothers Sentenced to Year in Jail

May 2010
  • Countering the Glen Beck Effect: Working America Reaches the Working Class
  • New Illinois Wage Theft Legislation Protects Workers
  • Sugar Law Center Supports Restaurant Opportunities Center
  • Sugar Law Center Assists the Unemployed
  • Whistleblower Laws Show U.S. Falls Short of International Human Rights Standards
  • Farmworker Advocates Praise the Department of Labor's New H-2A Regulations
  • Zenroren Honors Haymarket Martyrs on May Day

October 2009
  • Car Wash Workers Campaign Wins Victories
  • Worker Center Activities - Help Wanted
  • Opinion - Capitalism Is Bad for Your Health?
  • Update from the Sugar Law Center
  • Eleventh Annual Cuba Visit Promises Exciting Developments
  • Visa Approval Appears Likely for Cuban Labor Society VP to Make Historic Appearance at NLG Seattle Convention
  • CLE at NLG Seattle Convention - Fighting for Justice
  • The Great Pension Rip-Off

May 2009
  • They Stood Up by Sitting Down
  • Harvest of Blame: Murder in the 105th Degree
  • Brandworkers and Unions Beat Back RICO Lawsuits
  • Global Workers Justice Alliance - Accessing Jusice Across Borders
  • Tenth Annual Cuba Visit Expresses Hope for Real Change
  • CA State Bar Fails to Honor Boycott at Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego
  • Update from the Sugar Law Center

May 2008
  • No-Match Rules: the Saga Continues
  • Southern California Car Wash Workers Fight for Better Working Conditions
  • Campaign 2008: A Society that Works for All
  • Guild Labor & Employment Committee Teams Up with Brand Workers
  • Chicago Federation of Labor Hosts Conferenceto Prevent Wrongful Termination Based on No-Match Letters No Match Rules
  • NELP Launches New National Wage & Hour Clearinghouse
  • Another Side to Race & Immigration

April 2007
  • The Cuban 5 - Legal Abuse Masquerades as National Security
  • Major Whistleblower Protection Bill Moves Through Congress:Grassroots Activism Urgently Needed
  • Just Cause in China
  • Guild Lawyers Participate in Human Rights Delegation to Oaxaca
  • Guild Follows Up with Support for Human Rights Organizations

October 2006
  • AFL-CIO Enters Groundbreaking Partnership with National Day Laborers Organizing Network
  • Victory for UNITE HERE Local 2
  • L&EC Summer Project Supports UNITE HERE
  • Legitimacy & Legality: Fighting for Work in Argentina
  • Who's the Boss at Kentucky River? NLRB Refuses to Hear the Voice of Labor
  • Sugar Law Center Supports Union's Struggles Against Walmart - Defends Workers' Rights
  • Highlights of the 2006 NLG Convention

April 2006
  • Gulf Coast Hurricane Survivors Ask International Body to Investigate
  • NLG Sugar Law Center to Pursue Wage & Hour Cases
  • Fusion Voting: A Cure for What Ails Our Political System
  • Winning & Losing a Strike
  • The Transit Workers Violated No Law
  • New Trade Union Initiative Launched in India
  • Seventh L&EC Delegation to Cuba Convenes in Santiago
  • Court Settlement Touted as Breakthrough: FLOC Wins Major Victory
  • New Mexico Law Suit Filed to Prohibit Classifying Farmworkers as Independent Contractors
  • Teach Your Children Well
  • Immigration Law Review The Heat Is On

October 2005
  • The House of Labor Divided - AFL-CIO and Change to Win
  • Resisting Wal-Mart: Canadian Wal-Mart Employees Take a Stand Against Anti-Union Tactics
  • NLG, ALAL, ANAD and SNTSS Will Coordinate Efforts in the Fight for International Workers' Rights

May 2005
  • Building a Stronger Labor Movement: The Rebirth of Worker Centers
  • NYC L&EC Chapter Hosts Presentation on Walmart's Anti-Labor Practices
  • Bay Area L&EC Actively Supporting Sweatfree Ordinance in San Francisco
  • Sixth Labor & Employment Committee Delegation to Cuba Convenes in Havana
  • Labor Organizations Internationally Oppose Mexican Government's Labor Law Reform Package
  • Students Urge the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Declare that Discrimination Resulting from Hoffman Plastic Violates Human Rights
  • Ivory Tower Sweatshops Endorsed by Bush NLRB
  • To Make a Long Story Short - The Life and Times of Arbitrator Sam Kagel

October 2004
  • State of the Union: Labor Issues and the 2004 Election
  • Civil Rights Attorneys Concerned by Justice Department Role in 2004 Election
  • When the Chips are Down - We'll Be There; Labor and Allies Protect the Right to Vote
  • CBTU says Black Workers Hit First and Hardest by Unemployment
  • Farmworkers Organize in North Carolina!
  • NLG Protects Students' Right to Vote; NLG Students Face Down Fox News in Arizona
  • Global Solidarity - L&EC Donates to Botswana Mining Workers
  • Smith v. City of Jackson, MS
  • L&E committee Announces 6th Bilateral/3rd International Professional Research Exchange in Cuba

April 2004
  • 2004 Elections - What's At Stake - What's Our Role
  • When the Chips Are Down - We'll Be There
  • Coca-Cola - The Drink That Represses
  • Protecting Immigrant Workers' Rights to Workers' Comensation post-Hoffman Plastic: Wheat NLG Lawyers Need to Know
  • The Living Wage Movement Comes of Age
  • NLG Members Observe El Salvador Election
  • Farmworkers to be Paid for Travel Time

October 2003

  • 2003 Convention Panel Highlights War on Workers
  • Patriotism is Defending the Bill of Rights
  • L&E Committee Announces 5th Bilateral/2nd International Professional Exchange in Cuba
  • L&E International Solidarity Work: The Dominican Republic
  • Defending Workers' Human Rights in a Global Economy: Report from Inaugural Meeting of International Commission for Labor Rights

May 2003
  • Support Our Troops by Bringing Them Home Now! Urge a UN Negotiated Cease Fire
  • A view From US Labor Against the War
  • Help Our Brothers and Sisters at Dish Network
  • New Mexico State Bar Employees File RC Petition with NLRB
  • Hoffman Plastic Compounds v. NLRB ; Immigrant Workers: Preserving Rights and Remedies
  • Coca-Cola Human Rights Abuses in Colombia

October 2002
  • AFL-CIO Executive Secretary Richard Trumka Links NLG and AFL-CIO Struggles for Economic Justice and Workers' Rights
  • Trumka - Labor Lawyer, Labor Leader

May 2002
  • Workers' Rights After 9-11: Who's Paying for Patriotism?
  • Bush Besieges Colombian Trade Unionists
  • Holes in The Stone-Washed Safety Net- The Continuing Aftermath of NAFTA
  • University Unionism and the Decline of Academic Freedom: NYU Charged with Illegal Denial of Tenure Against Pro-Union Professor
  • U.S./Cuban Labor Solidarity: What's in it for us? What's the Guild's role?
  • Health Care Unions Organize Inter-American Conference on Privatization and Globalization
  • Harvard's Trade Union Program: Labor Coalition Building
  • Contingent Workers Share Solutions

October 2001
  • Hamlet NC Tragedy - Struggle for Safety Continues
  • U.S. Union Activists Build Ties With Cuban Labor
  • Senator Edward Kennedy and Rep. Howard Berman Introduce Bills on Immigration/Legalization for Farmworkers
  • Holding U.S. corporations Accountable in the Global Economy
  • Lawsuit Forces Labor Secretary Chao to Issues 2001 Wage Rates for Ag Guestworkers
  • Whistleblower Victory: Schell v. City of Los Angeles
  • Bay Area NLG L&EC to Support Asian Immigrant Women Advocates 

May 2001
  • Organizing Immigrant Workers
  • Progressive Attorneys Join Together to Work for Fair Judiciary
  • Affirming the Status Quo: The Supreme Court's Latest Reckoning with Pre-Dispute Binding Arbitration of Individual Statutory Rights
  • NLG L&EC Organizes Second Delegation to Cuba
  • Whistleblower Book a Great Buy

October 2000
  • Think there's no difference between Gore & Bush? Think again! 2009 election will affect us for generations
  • Mandatory Arbitration of Statutory Rights
  • NLG L&EC Organizes Second Delegation to Cuba
  • Whistleblower Book a Great Buy

May 2000
  • NLG L&EC Sponsors Visit to Cuba
  • New San Diego Clinic To Serve Workers' Employment Law Needs
  • Organizing Workers - Indonesia Realities
  • UFW Strawberry Victory as ALJ Splits Statewide Unit
  • ADL-CIO Calls for a New Immigration Policy
  • Guild Sugar Law Center Provides Valuable Assistance

October 1999
  • Considering Electoral Work - Maximizing Our Advocacy
  • Building the Southern Labor Movement, One Worker at a Time 
  • Fighting for Fair Trade in Seattle
  • Working People's Electoral Politics at Work
  • Fighting for Rights of Contingent Workers

May 1999
  • By What Authority? Curbing Corporate Abuse 
  • Tosco Explosion: Who's to Blame?
  • La Lucha Continua - East Coast Farm Workers & Mushroom Workers Successful in Organizing
  • Undocumented Workers are Employed under NLRA
  • Farmworkers Face Serious Threats of New Bracero Program
  • Cuba 1999 - Compelling Contradictions
  • Whistleblower Protection Available in Environmental
  • Students Nationwide Rise in Protest Against Sweatshops