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STEERING COMMITTEE. The Steering Committee sets general policy for the L&EC during monthly conference calls and via e-mail. If you are interested in joining the Steering Committee, contact Dean Hubbard.  If you want to contribute to the newsletter, contact Henry Willis.

•Chair - Dean Hubbard  (203) 216-2262
•Treasurer - Polly Halfkenny  (347) 453-5208
•Newsletter - Henry Willis  (323) 655-4700
•Membership - staff 
•Cuba Program - Joan Hill  (615) 594-0843 + Dean Hubbard  (203) 216-2262
•Intl Commission for Labor Rights - Jeanne Mirer  (313) 515-2046
•Sugar Law Center - John Philo  (313) 993-4505
• Mentorship Program - Angela Cornell  (607) 339-1903
•Representative to NLG Natl Exec Comm -  Sarah David Heydemann
•Student Representatives to the L&EC -  Susannah Maltz and Cheryl Walker 

NOTE:  Structure of the NLG.  The National Executive Committee (NEC) is the governing body of the NLG.  It is composed of a nationally-elected president, two executive vice presidents, a treasurer, two national law student vice-presidents, one national legal worker vice-president, one national jailhouse lawyer vice-president, a regional vice-president from each region, the executive director, a representative of the National Office staff and representatives from ten of the NLG projects and national committees.  Each of these members has a vote on issues that arise between conventions.  The NEC meets quarterly, usually in January, April, July and October.

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Click here
for our document outlining the roles and duties of Steering Committee members. Click here for our description of the Role of the Student Representative to the Steering Committee -- see our Student page for more information about law student activities.  More information regarding our activities is available, including meeting notes which are circulated on our steering committee list serve.  Our larger membership list serve, which is moderated and primarily used for announcements of national impact in order to cut down on email, is open to dues paying members. For more information, please email L&EC Staff.

L&EC Staff

Tim Belcher

Sarah Burke

Angela Cornell

Claudia Davidson

Michael Flynn

Cristina Gallo

Daniel Gross

Jessica Hahn

Polly Halfkenny

Michael Healey

Sarah Heydemann

Joan Hill

Dean Hubbard

Tamara Lee

Susannah Maltz

Jeanne Mirer

Danielle Newsome

John Philo

Tony Prince

Marquel Ramirez

Arthur Read

Elisa Stacy Redish

Renee Sanchez

Cheryl Walker

Henry Willis

Robert Willis