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Employee and Union Member Guide to Labor Law, edited by Christina Hatzidakis: This three-volume treatise by the National Lawyers Guild, Labor & Employment Committee is a guide for labor law practitioners, union representatives, workers, and activists. It provides an exhaustive review of significant areas of labor law, including a summary of substantial rules of law, proven strategies for labor activists, and major federal labor law statutes.  

The book covers a wide variety of labor issues including:   

  • Organizing the Unorganized
  • Opposing Discriminatory Discharges
  • The Duty to Bargain Collectively
  • The Right to Strike and Other Forms of Economic Action
  • The Rights of Construction Workers
  • Employment Discrimination Law
  • Workers with Disabilities: The ADA and Other Laws
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Pensions and Other Employee Benefits
  • The WARN Act
  • The Duty of Fair Representation
  • The Rights of Union Members within Their Unions
  • Internal Union Elections
  • Representing Unions and Employees in Bankruptcy Cases

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Dues-paying members of the NLG L&EC are entitled to a 25% discount of the print or eBook version. Members, please contact us for your discount code. 


Are you interested in helping update this treatise? From time to time, We are in need of Chapter Authors. It is a volunteer position to author the chapter, in exchange for a complimentary copy of the three-volume treatise and complimentary updates for as long as you are a Chapter Author. You will be expected to submit updates at least once per year, in either July or January. Chapter Authors are welcome to submit updates twice per year. Please contact Treatise Editor Christina Hatzidakis for more information.