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From Orchards to the Internet Catherine Ruckelshaus and Bruce Goldstein Confronting Contingent Work Abuse 2002-03-08
Subcontracted Worker Initiative

Hotline to Help Day Laborers Turn In Contractors Who Cheat Ken McLaughlin Police Say Immigrants Deserve Protection 2006-03-06
The city of Santa Cruz, which often takes controversial approaches to social issues, has now established what is believed to be the nation's first hotline for day laborers - most of whom are undocumented - to report unscrupulous employers. The creation of the hotline, announced Monday, swiftly drew complaints from activists who said government should not offer such protections to illegal immigrants. "The number of illegal immigrants is exploding, and this will only encourage more to come," said Yeh Ling-Ling, executive director of the Oakland-based Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America. But police officials, citing reports that employers regularly abuse day laborers, said everyone deserves the protection of the law.

Introduction to NAFFE Strategy Series NAFFE Fair Employment 2009-07-08
North American Alliance for Fair Employment

Laguna Beach is Sued Over Day Laborer Center Jennifer Delson Laguna Beach sued for providing a Workers' Center for Undocumented Workers 2006-10-04
Conservative advocacy group files suit alleging city violates federal law by funding facility that helps undocumented workers find jobs.

NDLON v. Mamaroneck Case No. 06 Civ. 3243 (CM) (MDF) 2006-11-20 USDCt SDNY Judge Rules in Favor of Hispanic Laborers
US District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge ruled in favor of Hispanic laborers in John Does and NDLON v. village of Mamaroneck. A suburban village in NY was found to have discriminated against Hispanic day laborers when they shut down a hiring site and increased police security in areas where they sought work. The village contended that the quality of life for residents, not race, was the reason for heightened police presence. This federal court ruling marks the second victory for day laborers this year.

New York Immigration Coalition Make The Road By Walking Ken McLaughlin Police Say Immigrants Deserve Protection 2006-03-06
Study Documents Dangers of Construction Work in New York; Finds Hazards and Serious Injuries Especially Afflict Immigrant Workers and Workers at Elevated Heights.

Suit Filed To Block Herndon Labor Site Carol Morello Group Says Town Is Acting Illegally 2005-09-02
The city of Herndon is being sued by the advocacy group, Judicial Watch, for establishing an official day laborer site. The legally sanctioned site provides an alternative to the parking lot at 7-Eleven. The group filing the suit believes it shouldn?t go forward because it "undermines and violates federal immigration law."

The Campaign for the Unpaid Wages Prohibition Act Jennifer Gordon Latino Immigrants Change New York Wage Law 2002-03-08
Working Papers

Worker Centers Janice Fine Building Communities at the Edge of the Dream 2006-02-15
(EPI's new book co-published with Cornell University) takes one of the first comprehensive looks at the rising phenomenon of worker centers, fast-growing institutions that improve the lives of immigrant workers through service advocacy and organizing. Immigrant workers are changing the landscape of low-wage work and the labor market, with President Bush advocating a guest-worker program, Congress pushing increased border security and patrol. But as national policy is debated, a locally based grassroots movement is taking the initiative to assist millions of immigrants in the American workforce facing poor pay, bad working conditions, and few prospects to advance to better jobs

Worker Centers Janice Fine Organizing Communities at the Edge of the Dream 2005-12-14
Economic Policy Institute EPI Briefing Paper #159