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2009 Cuba Delegation Report NLG L&EC Cuba 2009-02-21
2009 Cuba report

2018 Cuba Brochure
2018 Brochure for Labor and Employment Committee trip to Cuba

ILO Complaint and Submission Saskatchewan Federation of Labour ILO Complaint 2009-09-08 ILO
ILO Complaint and Follow-Up Submission of Sep 8, 2009 concerning the Saskatchewan Public Service Essential Services Act of 2008 and the Trade Union Act Amendment Act of 2008 (Bill 5 and Bill 6 respectively) passed by the Legislature of Saskatchewan Canada, on behalf of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, its Affiliates and (list of unions). Issues (complaints re the legislation) include: 1) violation of freedom of association; 2) elimination of card certification weakened union ability to protect and exercise freedom of association; 3) thousands of workers have lost right to strike and therefore are unable to achieve collective agreements and to exercise freedom of association rights; 4) the Labour Relations Board is not viewed as impartial by Saskatchewan unions; and 5) the government recently passed an anti-trespassing law that infringes upon freedom of association rights to picket, demonstrate and strike.

Report from the Inaugural Meeting of the International Commission for Labour Rights Hubbard, Dean International Labor rights 2003-06-14 none
Report of June 14, 2003 formal meeting of the International Commission for Labor Rights [ICLR] and meeting of the Administrative Council of the International Centre for Trade Union Rights [ICTUR] at headquarters of the International Labor Organization in Geneva. Focus on 1) sending Commissions of preeminent labor lawyers to Colombia to investigate the assassinations and disappearances of union activists; and 2)preparing a publication to provide practical assistance to workers' advocates seeking to enforce compliance with core international labor standards by international financial institutions.

RWDS Local 558 vs Pepsi Canada [2002] S.C.J. No. 7 2002 SCC 8 2002-01-24 Canada secondary picketing decision of the Supreme Court of Canada
Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, Local 558 v. Pepsi-Cola Canada Beverages (West) Ltd. Secondary picketing decision of the Supreme Court of Canada. Labour law Picketing Secondary picketing Union members picketing at locations other than employer's premises Employer obtaining injunction prohibiting such secondary picketing Whether secondary picketing illegal per se at common law Whether picketing form of expression engaging s. 2(b) of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Whether wrongful action model making secondary picketing which amounts to tortious or criminal conduct illegal should be adopted. The union engaged in a variety of protest and picketing activities during a lawful strike and lockout at one of the appellant's plants. These activities eventually spread to "secondary" locations, where union members and supporters picketed retail outlets to prevent the delivery of the appellant's products and dissuade the store staff from accepting delivery; carried placards in front of a hotel where members of the substitute labour force were staying; and engaged in intimidating conduct outside the homes of appellant's management personnel. An interlocutory injunction was granted which effectively prohibited the union from engaging in picketing activities at secondary locations. A majority of the Court of Appeal upheld the order against congregating at the residences of the appellant's employees, as these activities constituted tortious conduct. However, the section restraining the union from picketing at any location other than the appellant's premises was quashed, thus allowing the union to engage in peaceful picketing at secondary locations. Held: The appeal should be dismissed.

Uneasy Terrain: The Impact of Capital Mobility on Workers, Wages and Union Organizing Bronfenbrenner, Kate Impact of Capital Mobility on Workers, Wages and Union Organizing 2000-09-01 http://www.citizenstrade.org/pdf/nafta_uneasy_terrain.pdf
Uneasy Terrain: The Impact of Capital Mobility on Workers, Wages and Union Organizing. A report for the U.S. Trade Deficit Review Commission.