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Assembly Bill 371 2007-02-14 California AB 371  
California Assembly Bill introduced by Assembly Member Huffman on financing certain health facilities to require effective injury prevention programs.

Immigrant Workers Empowerment and Community Building Chris Benner, Tony LoPresti, Martha Matsuoka, Manuel Pastor, Rachel Rosner Immigrant Workers 2009-04-23
A review of issues and strategies for increasing workforce and economic opportunity for immigrant workers. April 2005 Center for Justice, Tolerance, & Community

Massachusetts Supreme Court backs Transit in lawsuit on bias, worker seniority - Union considered hiring a violation John R. Ellement, Boston Globe Public Policy Concerns Trump Union Agreement, Court Rules 2009-06-05
Public Policy Concerns Trump Union Agreement, Court Rules A Massachusetts transit agency is not required to abide by union contracts in cases where it seeks to end discrimination, the state's highest court has ruled. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court found Thursday that broader public policy concerns should supersede the union's collective bargaining agreement in this case. The matter stemmed from a complaint filed by an applicant who was denied a job as a rail repairman after failing a hearing test in which in he was not allowed to use his hearing aids. John R. Ellement, Boston Globe 06/05/2009

Why At Will Employment Is Bad For Employers And Just Cause is Good for Them Ellen Dannin Benefits to Employers 2007-01-05
Ellen Dannin is a Professor of Law, Pennsylvania State University - Dickinson School of Law. She received her B.A. and her J. D. from the University of Michigan. She is the author of TAKING BACK THE WORKERS' LAW : HOW TO FIGHT THE ASSAULT ON LABOR RIGHTS (ILR Press 2006). This article is based on a presentation by Professor Dannin at the Labor and Employment Relations Association's (LERA) 59th Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Why At-Will Employment is Bad for Employers and Just Cause is Good for Them Ellen Dannin At Will Employment 2009-04-23
Prof. Ellen Dannin, Penn State Dickinson School of Law,examines recent judicial rulings in favor of employers under "At-Will" employment contracts. Originally presented at LERA's 59th Anniversary Meeting, Jan/2007