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    The "Wisconsin Effect" Case Study: Pennsylvania 

    Wisconsin has changed the conversation at the doors of working people across the country.

    As Working America canvass organizers have observed, "This awareness meant that people we talked to at the doors in many states were ready to have a deeper conversation about the issues and about the economy. Wisconsin had given the war on workers ‘stickiness’—it became something that caught people’s attention, stayed in their minds and was a reference point for further thinking…."

    Nowhere is this clearer than in Pennsylvania. In just six weeks, 50 percent of working Pennsylvanians Working America reaches at the door organically bring up "education cuts" as soon as one of the organizers mentions the words "state budget." In addition, 25 to 30 percent of Pennsylvanians identify Gov. Corbett by name in association with these draconian measures.

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